Flagstaff, AZ – Rescuers from several local agencies rescued and saved the life of vehicle accident victim on Mt. Elden Lookout Road on Saturday.

The regional 911 center received a call at 4:57 PM Saturday August 13, 2016 reporting a vehicle had gone off the road and there were several injured persons and some had been ejected from the vehicle.

A Technical Rescue Technician awaits the arrival of the capture ball from the DPS Air Rescue helicopter.

A Technical Rescue Technician reaches for the capture ball, flown in underneath the DPS Air Rescue aircraft.

Initially, Coconino County Sheriff’s deputies as well as Guardian Medical and Summit Fire Department were dispatched to the scene. Subsequent information was received that the vehicle and ejected occupants were down a cliff and that some of the injuries were critical. At that point Flagstaff Fire Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety Air Rescue helicopter and Coconino County Search and Rescue technical rescue members and a short haul technician were requested.

Upon arrival to the scene, deputies and medics found the vehicle on its top down a steep embankment. Four accident victims were minimally injured and mobile. One victim was critically injured and was found a considerable distance further down the embankment. The critical patient was suffering from a chest injury and life saving measures was started.

Rescue personnel began to prepare a rope haul system to carry the injured up hill to the road. Medics and the Search and Rescue supervisor on scene felt it would take too long to get the critical patient out due to the nature and severity of his injuries.

The critical patient was Short Hauled out by the DPS Air Rescue helicopter and transferred to a ground ambulance just off Highway 180. Two other patients were transported to Flagstaff Medical Center by ambulance and two were treated at the scene and released.

The accident occurred approximately 6 miles up Mount Elden Lookout Road. The roadway at this location is cut into the side of the mountain and the vehicle had come to rest on the downhill side of the mountain. Two of the occupants had been ejected and were located further down the mountain from vehicle.

The steep angle of mountain and the location of the patients posed problems for the rescuers from accessing and removing the patients, as well as providing treatment. An effective, coordinated response by rescuers from all the agencies allowed the patient to be assessed, stabilized and transported to the hospital.

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